How to travel with a Carry-on only?

I guess I'm not the only one trying to fit a closet into a carry-on!  We've all been there.  It's complicated, stressing, and frustrating to choose and pack the clothing we need and want on our trip.  Sometimes is worse because not only is a vacation trip instead a combination of work and leisure; and for that reason, we need to dress "professional" but we don't want to look as a librarian when work is over.

I've been looking for a solution for years, and finally there is a new way of dressing, traveling and packing. We now can have many options in one garment. How is that possible? Well, design is the key. Every piece should be designed with the purpose of being suitable for different styles and settings.  Fabrics are important too; comfortable, durable and with the quality to be folded and then taken out avoiding excess wrinkles and off course time in the awful chore of ironing.  The rest is innovation creativity that merges reality with the magic of transformation.  Now you know that there is a brand that has born to help the women to look gorgeous everywhere and minimize the packing, the stress, and the extra luggage cost.

Every garment is meticulously design to serve as minimum of 3 pieces, sometimes 9,  it's been proven recently in a trip to Japan, 9 days and 3 cities carrying 4 tops and 4 bottoms and having multiple combinations and transformations. Packing was super easy: 3 tops, 3 bottoms, undies, make up and hygiene stuff (under 100ml), 2 shoes (that's the other secret, I took interchangeable heel shoes from Paris available in the US), on top of this only a beanie and gloves.

My travel outfit was a top, jeans and sneakers and a winter jacket. I recommend wearing the bulkiest jacket when traveling on a plane.

The trip was wonderful, and I felt beautiful wearing the different styles and converting them from day to night, from plain black to a vibrant print etc. With this innovative clothing I went on a city tour, then reversed it at night, transform in seconds, and get to the bar of a Sky Lounge.  Another day I went from the park to dinner in a fancy restaurant looking gorgeous and according to the place. The shoes were amazing too, I took booties and wore them with a short heel for touring and then change the heel to a taller one for the bar. For the special dinner I wore a Sandals with stiletto heel, and they did not take much space in the suitcase because you can use the same heels on the boots and on the sandals.


 It is possible and now you know it!

Check out the Online store: @tripleflair

Shoes: Online Store @tanyaheathusofficial

Stay stylish, wander often, and let your creativity lead the way on your next adventure!


The TripleFlair Team 💜💜💜


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