How to Fly with More Than One Personal Item

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Are you ready to step up your travel game while staying effortlessly chic? Let's dive into our first blog post and discover how to get around the pesky “one personal item” rule and have multiple handbags to use on your travels (without packing any of them in your suitcase!). 

Airlines are getting more strict with the rule of one personal item per person, but that does not mean you only have to travel with one backpack or purse for the whole trip. With this tip, you will not have to sacrifice style for practicality, you can have it all!


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1. Choose one large bag for your travels.

The first option is a backpack, which is perfect if you are bringing your laptop to get some work done during your flight or layover. The second option is a large handbag perfect to carry all of your essentials as you travel through the city. 

2.Choose a medium sized bag.

The first option is a totebag, perfect to carry beach towels or go biking around the city. The second option is a crossbody bag perfect for going out to clubs or concerts. Pack this bag with smaller items such as chargers or essential toiletries (make sure they are the right size for a carry-on!).

3. Choose a small sized bag.

You can pick a clutch if you have a formal event to go to or a wristlet if you prefer to have a strap. Use this bag to double as a wallet while on your trip to save space. 

Finally, pack the small bag and the medium bag inside the large bag and you're ready to be a Chameleon Traveler! You can now pick and choose your bag depending on your activity and outfit for every day you travel.

We recommend that you plan the activities on your trip before you start packing so you can pack your outfits and choose the bags you want to take accordingly. Remember that as a Chameleon Traveler you can use your creativity to adapt to spontaneous adventures, so don’t worry if your travel plans change! 

We would love to hear if you tried this tip or have any other hacks for your fellow Chameleon Travelers! Comment below and follow us on social media @TripleFlair to stay connected. 

Stay stylish, wander often, and let your creativity lead the way on your next adventure!

The TripleFlair Team 💜💜💜

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