We are a slow fashion brand!


What is TripleFlair?

Introducing TripleFlair, an avant-garde brand at the
intersection of innovation and sustainability, specifically crafted for passionate travelers and eco-conscious women. Our commitment lies in presenting multiple options with fewer garments. Each meticulously designed piece unfolds into a minimun of three distinct styles, ensuring your wardrobe is not just a collection but a tale of
versatility and fashion-forward choices.

Say goodbye to the constraints of excessive luggage or crowded closet space, as our garments redefine the art of dressing efficiently. Beyond
style, we pride ourselves on adopting an eco-friendly ethos in our production
process. Operating in small batches, we collaborate with studios adhering to
American regulations, while actively seeking superior materials that transcend the fleeting trends of fast fashion.

TripleFlair is not just a brand; it's a narrative of
transformation and timeless elegance.


Why TripleFlair?

Everyday people want to travel more and live more experiences, but baggage limitations make packing and dressing very difficult for travelers.  We have designed a new concept in travel fashion, proposing a solution so you can continue with your dynamic lifestyle in style. 

With TripleFlair you
can have a capsule wardrobe to be used at work, travel, events and multiple times. Our goal is to help you maximize your closet space, with 1 piece that can be worn as 3 (or more) different pieces! 

What about the Fabrics?

We have selected premium materials to deliver a product that not only boasts an excellent aesthetic and fit but also ensures ease of care and comfortability. Whether you opt for machine washing or hand washing with cold water, please remember to consult the specific care instructions for each garment.

Our commitment to conscious resourcing extends to our fabrics, emphasizing
durability, quality, and ethical practices through close collaboration with our
suppliers. While we acknowledge that perfection is elusive, our continuous
efforts are dedicated to providing garments driven by sustainability at every
stage of production – from initial design to the moment they arrive at your
doorstep. We work with sustainable mills that produce materials under European regulations and certifications. We also work with Dead Stock, quality fabrics that are available in limited quantities. For this reason if you love a TripleFlair design buying it now because It wont be restocked in the same color or print.

What about the sizes?

As an online store, we want
to ensure you experience the best possible fit. Simply click on the TRUE FIT button,
share your information, and our fitting tool will do the rest. This innovative app utilizes your measurements and body customization to deliver a perfectly tailored garment, ensuring your utmost satisfaction.

For a better fit, we work with numbered sizes, please enter your measurements in inches to get the garment according to your unique body.

We suggest you to check the Size Chart before deciding your size.

How to transform a TripleFlair Design?

It's very easy and takes seconds!

For comprehensive guidance, styling inspiration, and exciting
tips on how to wear your TripleFlair clothing, visit our YouTube channel at https://youtube.com/@tripleflair. Immerse yourself in
our transformation videos and detailed instructions for a professional and exciting experience.

Additionally, stay connected with us on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms to explore a variety of looks and discover diverse ways to style your TripleFlair outfits. Your TripleFlair adventure awaits –
enjoy the journey!

What is to be Eco-Conscious?

The fashion industry's impact on the environment through fabric waste is a pressing concern. At TripleFlair, we are committed to making a
positive difference, and you can contribute too. We've taken steps towards
sustainability by carefully selecting better fabrics that align with our design ethos and availability.

In certain pieces, we proudly use dead stock, repurposing quality fabric leftovers that often end up in landfills due to their limited quantity.TripleFlair transforms this high-quality, limited-yardage fabric into unique garments. Our commitment to sustainability reflects in our limited stock, so if you find a piece you love, seize the opportunity as it won't be restocked.

Our waste reduction efforts start from the design phase through production
optimization. We consciously eliminate unnecessary tags, marks, threads, plastics, cardboard, extra buttons, and other waste associated with clothing.

Explore our Upcycling Fashion Waste Series Upcycling Fashion Waste Series for inspiration on reducing waste while contributing to positive industry change. Your support aligns with our vision for a more sustainable and responsible fashion future.